ian bainbridge

parts team leader

When did you join the Pye family?
I joined Pye Motors nearly 47 years ago on the 28th March 1976.

What was your first role at Pye, and the path to your current role?
My first role as a young lad was basic sweeping up and putting stock away. I also used to collect parts from local suppliers with the only transport available to me being a yellow push bike with a basket on the front to put the parts in! From there I joined the commercial parts team and some years later became parts supervisor, then after another few years I was promoted to Parts Team Leader.

What does a typical day at work look like?
My day starts at 7.00am as Ford deliver the parts very early! My first job is to unpack and separate customer ordered parts from the warranty and stock, organise those and allocate the stock so it is visible across all of our branches. This sets the wheels in motion for the day before the team starts work. After this I can get on with all the daily tasks that need doing, there is always plenty of variety; never a dull moment.

What do you most enjoy about your role at Pye?
I enjoy running the parts department with my team that covers our Kendal and Barrow branches. Also working all these years for the Pye family that have supported me and really care about the people that work for them. This starting from Mr Jim (Pye) and his cousin, Mr David, and has been carried on by the next generation; Nick, Helen and Cathryn.

What are you most excited by within the business?
To see how people take on all the new challenges that happen day to day; the world around here stops when we’ve not got the right part in the right place!

Within your role what are you most proud about?
I am proud to have worked my whole career here at Pye’s. Starting at the bottom of the ladder with the company and working my way up to be Parts manager.

What vehicle do you currently drive?
I drive a Ford Focus Vignale.

What's in your boot?
My golf clubs. I like to play whenever I can.

What would be your dream vehicle to drive?

I am a Ford man through and through so I would say a Mach E at the moment.