Looking for a new car in 2023? We take a closer look at the Kuga & Fiesta

By Jen Hyslop

With Christmas done for another year, most of us have finally recovered from new year celebrations and made those resolutions (again?) for 2023. It’s time to get down to planning for the year ahead!

What am I (we?) doing? Where am I going and who (if I’m feeling generous) will be lucky enough to accompany me. Okay, so maybe it’s more of ‘who will take me with them’ and who will look after my cat? That would be Bruce BTW. If you follow me and my worldly blogs, you’ll know that I love my Puma, which is fine for Bruce and I but not exactly suited to all occasions…. So where shall we go and which of Ford's finest would be my chosen companion?

Meet Craig, his wife & 2 children aged 5 & 8

They enjoy paddle boarding, mountain biking, dogs, and making the most of their time together.

Let’s pretend its summer and were off to Coniston Old Man & Coniston Water in the Lake District for the weekend – Perfect for the whole family to paddleboard on the water, take the bikes up Coniston Old Man and for the hikers of Instagram plenty of photo opportunities on a sunny day.
So, pack a picnic and make sure to pop by the supermarket to take advantage of the charging points for the Kuga PHEV, we’ll be able to get to the majority of the way on electric and pick up some small bottles of Prosecco to enjoy lakeside (who doesn’t need an alcoholic drink after a day with the kids)!

The Ford Kuga is a fantastic vehicle to tackle the roads around the Lake District, sturdy and looks like it’s up for an adventure! – if you get lost, the Sat Nav will come in handy. Open the panoramic sunroof too – the kids will love it!
The vehicle offers Craig enough room to transport his bikes, paddle boards, outdoorsy equipment and probably even the kitchen sink, whilst still leaving more than enough space for himself and all his family too. It also gives Craig and his family the ultimate freedom, and adapts to every journey – with flexible rear sliding seats, the Kuga will have no trouble packing everything that is needed.

Meet Anna (24)

She enjoys walking, her cat and is open to new hobbies

Let’s go out for lunch! After a long week at work, it’s always nice to see friends and catch up over a caramel latte (other coffee options are available) and cake – everyone loves a good cake!
With the Fiesta being small and compact its perfect for city driving and fitting into small spaces to park, which bigger cars struggle with – the parking sensors and reverse camera also come in very handy. So, win-win less time searching for a parking space, more time eating!

If I forget where I’ve parked, I don’t need to worry the FordPass app will tell me exactly where the car is! - which is very useful with my memory.

The Ford Fiesta has become a default choice for a lot of people and it’s easy to understand why. The 18” alloys are also the ultimate upgrade, a bit like my Mulberry they complete the image!

Anna can easily fit all her walking gear in too and give lifts home to friends with ease – and of course, there’s plenty of room for the cat! (Not that many people take their cat out walking, although I’d probably give it a go)!