Ford electric vehicles - the new generation

By Pye Motors

Ford is not just embracing change, but creating it.

Ford have announced the acceleration of their electrification plans, producing a new generation of zero emission vehicles which are optimised for a connected world.

The seven new all-electric vehicles (EVs) will be introduced to the European market by 2024. Included will be an electric version of the Ford Puma crossover, a medium sized crossover and a sports crossover in addition to the Mustang Mach-E launched last year.

The four remaining EVs will be commercial vehicles adding to the previously launched Ford E-Transit. These will include a new Transit Custom one-tonne van, the multi-purpose Tourneo Custom, a next generation Transit Courier and a Tourneo Courier due in 2024.

All electric cars by 2030
Ford previously announced that it will only sell electric cars in Europe by 2030. Ford cars sold on the continent by 2026 are expected to have zero emissions too. They have now announced the company's new global business unit - Ford Model e which will focus on the design, production and distribution of electric and connected vehicles.

Jim Farley, Ford President and CEO said “Ford is all-in and moving fast to meet the demand in Europe and around the globe.

“This is why we have created Ford Model e – allowing us to move at the speed of a start-up to build electric vehicles that delight and offer connected services unique to Ford and that are built with Ford-grade engineering and safety.”

To further support this goal, Ford has also entered into a joint venture with two other partners to create one of the largest EV battery facilities in the European wider region.

The need for change
Ford has recognised its customers' increased demand for transparency, innovation, equality and overall care for the planet. They plan to exceed these by making these commitments to the environment:

  • They want to protect and help the world meet climate goals by implementing a sustainable strategy inline with the Paris Agreement
  • Introduce carbon neutral manufacturing models - Ford Model e will enable them to do this

Ready to make the switch?

Whether you’re looking to move to electric for your business or personal use there are a wide range of options available. The Pye team can advise which option will be best for your specific needs and will be happy to discuss via phone, email or by messaging via our website. You can view our range of hybrid and electric across commercial and passenger vehicles on our dedicated web pages.