Looking for a new car in 2023? We take a closer look at the Puma & Focus

By Jen Hyslop

Continuing our overview of new cars for 2023, we turn our attention to the Puma and the Focus. . .

Meet Rachel, her partner & 2-year-old child

They enjoy; running, gym, fashion, shopping and makeup

Let’s go to soft play! It’s the weekend and the kids have enough energy to power the car, they are a bit like Mild Hybrids themselves. Throw everything in to the boot of the Puma and hide 6 months’ supply of babywipes and nappies in the huge MegaBox (well everything but the child of course)!

Finding a radio station for the journey to soft play that everyone agrees on is easy, just connect Spotify through Apple Carplay.

The Ford Puma has enough room for running & gym gear, prams for the children – there is still plenty of space left for shopping bags after a retail therapy session and a very well-deserved retail shopping session after a morning at soft play!

The Puma is a compact and nippy car to drive and much more practical for a family of four than you would first expect!

Meet Richard and Emma

Photography (his job, their hobby) & nature
Put google Maps on to the Sync4 13.2” screen in the Ford Focus and let’s go to Leighton Moss!

What a lovely way to spend some downtime and put Richard’s camera skills to the test than to hide out in the bird watching hides for a few hours – we may even spot a bearded tit! Take a flask of coffee, wrap up warm (if braving the winter months) and escape the world for a few hours.

With using Park Assist we never have to worry about squeezing into tight spaces, simply click the button and the car will do the parking for us – simple!
Afterwards, head back to the car and be sure to put the bum warmers, hand warmers and screen warmers on to de-freeze!

With the Ford Focus it comes with ample space which is great for Richard and Emma to safely transport all the photography gear, they prefer the Focus low load area rather than the higher boot floor of the Kuga. With enough room to store all muddy walking boots and wet clothing (it’s the UK it’s bound to rain).

There have been four generations of the Focus now, with it still being one of the best all-rounder cars that money can buy – Richard and Emma are on their third.