Made for you right down to the colour

By Pye Motors

Henry Ford famously said ‘Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black.’

He was referring obviously to the efficiency of his assembly line, which was built on the uniformity of his design and its colour scheme. The Model T was actually available in other colours, but the black paint dried faster and the entrepreneur knew he could build and sell more if his customers only chose black!

Today we can offer a range of different colours and metallic paints with fabulous ‘Dulux’ style names to match such as Moondust Silver, Beautiful Berry, Grabber Blue and Cyber Orange.

With the current delivery lead times being longer than usual this is the perfect opportunity to build your own Ford right down to the colour scheme. With Ford’s unbeatable range you can configure your ideal vehicle prioritising your must haves to ensure you get a brand new Ford that ticks all the right boxes.

Buying a new car, what will you choose?

For more technology and connectivity choose the digital cluster of the new Ford Fiesta. It displays driver information in high definition using intuitive and easy to read icons. You can also prioritise which information is displayed, including navigation alerts, as well as programme the preferred pre-sets of individual drivers - perfect if you share your vehicle.

Make the switch to an electric car with the Ford Kuga Phev, which combines a separate battery-powered electric motor with a petrol engine to deliver the best of both worlds. You can run the vehicle solely on electric power for up to 39 miles and for longer trips, the engine switches to running on fuel so there’s no need to worry about reaching your destination.

Opt for a change of colour with your new car with the mean green bodywork of the Ford Puma ST, the luxe yellow of the Ford Ecosport, or follow Mr Ford’s example and choose the agate black of the new Ford Focus.

Used cars values are strong at the moment, ideal if you’re part exchanging your current vehicle and using that as your deposit. The Pye team can help you to secure the right finance deal to suit your budget, and offer expert guidance and test drives on the latest models.

Whether you’re leaning to more technology, electric or colour scheme our vehicle configurator has all the options covered for each Ford model. Head over to our dedicated web page and build your perfect new car that’s made for you.