With the right technology, your Ford vehicle can make those icy mornings a lot easier...

By Jen Hyslop

Heated Windscreen – Your Best Friend Jen Rating: 4/5
Hands up who’s fed up of having to scrape the ice off their windscreen with numb hands?
You’re running late and the ice scraper has gone walk about and yep, you can’t find your gloves – What you need is a heated windscreen.
Fords quick clear heated windscreen works in seconds, even if its below freezing outside. Using ultra-thin filaments that super heat to de-ice, de-fog and de-mist your windscreen and will also de-freeze the wipers.
Not seen one working: check out this video

Once you’ve owned a car with a heated windscreen, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without one.

Bum Warmers/Heated Seats – Jen Rating: 5/5
Nobody likes cold cheeks, whether it be your face or bum cheeks.
It can take a while for the heater to warm up the entire vehicle – with the push of a button, you’ll feel to begin warm almost immediately. With three different heat settings, the red light illuminates to show the heat level setting.
Whether it be a frosty morning or just a chilly day – heated seats are an essential you need.

Heated Steering Wheel – Jen Rating: 4/5
Often overlooked, a steering wheel is arguably the most interactive item on a vehicle. Your hands hold it at all times when you drive!
Holding the steering wheel in winter can feel like you’re dipping your hands in to an ice bucket. Have you ever wondered what benefits of a heated steering wheel can bring?
To be fair the benefits of a heated steering wheel are pretty self-explanatory. Whether it’s a frosty morning or just a chilly day, a heated steering wheel will warm your hands better than any pair of gloves.

Remote Start – FordPass Jen Rating: 4/5
When winter starts to draw in, the mornings start getting darker and the car represents the inside of your freezer, except for maybe no peas…?
With the FordPass App you can unlock a range of smart features including Remote Start. You can get the car warmed up and windows cleared before you’ve even tied your shoe laces.
Not seen one working: check out this video.