So here it is; the burning question that’s on everyone’s mind. What is... FORD PRO?

PRO stands for Productivity. Your productivity, or the productivity of your business. We understand that in business, time is money; the more productive you are, the more profitable you can be, and that’s where Ford can help. An average day of unplanned downtime costs a business in the region of £500. Now that’s a lot... So, let’s do something about it.

By now you are probably wondering; what is the catch?

And, how much is this going to cost me?

Well, there isn’t a catch. And it’s actually completely free! Think of this as an extension of your vehicle. It’s a support package to help you when you need it most; to keep things working hard for you.

Since 2019, All Ford vehicles have been fitted with an embedded modem which, when activated, can transmit data including; fault codes, tyre pressures and oil degradation. These used to be the kind of things that we’d normally only see when you turn up at the dealership. We’d plug the vehicle into our diagnostics and then start the process of reading the fault codes, checking the symptoms and off we went.

Using FORD PRO we get a head start, meaning the in-dealership process is faster.

There is one very important step though, and we need your help with it…

There are hundreds of thousands of Transit products out there with modems. However, not all of them have been activated by their first owners. This is especially important for owners who were not the first keeper of their vehicle and may never have been made aware of it when they bought it. Without correct activation, the modem won’t transmit and dealership staff will not see any vehicle data when they need to help you.

To activate your modem and make the most of what Ford Pro has to offer, either follow the how-to video by clicking this link, drop in or call and make an appointment for a member of our team to help!