Essential lifestyle considerations when buying a car

By Pye Motors

In an ideal world your dream car, obviously a Ford Mustang, would sit on the drive alongside the greatest family car, the Ford Kuga, and the New Ranger Raptor special edition - then you would be ready for whatever your week or weekend requires.

Unrealistic? We would agree, but the solution may be quite simple. Find a multi-use, versatile vehicle to suit your lifestyle and budget whilst taking into account your style preferences.

So what should you think about when finding the perfect car to suit your lifestyle?

When do you use your car?

Reflect on your day-to-day use as this can be key to determining the best vehicle for your lifestyle. If you use your car every day for motorway driving you may require a car which is high in comfort, reliable and affordable to run - such as the Ford Ecosport. Alternatively, if your commutes are shorter and consist of driving around the city a Ford Fiesta would be a great option. A mix of both? Then a Ford Kuga would be perfect.

Who else uses the car, what are their requirements?

Often couples and families have 2 cars which are shared and provide flexibility for different uses. This might influence the size and style you may choose. For example when looking to replace a small car, a great option could be a Ford Focus - fantastic for affordable short commutes and city driving.

Consider other family members who use the car with you. It’s amazing how much room your children need, long after you’ve got rid of prams, pushchairs and car seats! Plenty of space and a good sized boot are essential. The Ford Puma, with it’s versatile megabox even has its own waterproof lining and drain plug, making it easy to clean with water and the ideal space for storing wet boots or muddy sports gear.

How much does it really cost to run a car?

For every car it is important to look at all the associated running costs such as insurance. Whether buying a new or used car our team at Pye can advise as to what to expect, or there are plenty of comparison websites out there for you to determine whether the car is still affordable when the insurance and price of the car is combined.

If you want to pay monthly for your car, whether that's PCP or by HP, consider how this monthly cost might impact your total monthly spend - and don’t forget about interest rates.

The condition of the car is also key to keeping costs down. Generally but not always, purchasing a newer car with lower mileage is the best option. This is because they tend to be more efficient and less likely to breakdown which therefore reduces maintenance costs.

Our locally sourced cars are an affordable way to purchase a great used quality car. These are a selection of pre-owned cars which have been supplied and maintained by us. This means we know all of its history and can assure you that they are of the highest quality - perfect for your peace of mind and your budget. See for yourself on our website.

Our Pye experts can guide you through the options so you can discover the perfect vehicle to suit your budget and lifestyle, without compromising on any of your dreams!

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