Get Involved, Get Fit, Get Skill

Pye Motors are proud sponsors of: Kirkby Lonsdale Rugby Club, Kendal Rugby Club, Heysham Golf Club and Vale of Lune Rugby Club. Through these partnerships, we have discovered vibrant and enthusiastic communities that not only foster fitness but also provide a sense of teamwork togetherness for families and individuals of all ages.

So, we’re now two weeks into January… How are those new year’s resolutions going….? Proud me is doing well so far but week 3 is feeling like a long one! We all know that new year's resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep; gym memberships can sometimes be isolating and feel challenging to maintain with us finding more social motivation is essential for success.

If you are hesitant about traditional fitness routines, our sponsors might be able to help you out:

Heysham Golf Club: With Saturday morning coaching sessions - Under 10’s, Advance Under 10’s and Over 10’s. There is also a junior membership available, giving junior members the chance to hone their skills in a supportive environment.

The club also hosts the Golf Club Ladies Coaching day, Girls Rocks Coaching Camp, and Rookie Coaching camp. Joining is a breeze – just fill in an application form and pay your subscription.

Trevor Newsham, Golf Pro at Heysham Golf Club is passionate about their offer;

‘Junior golf is massively important to not only myself & Ryan but to Heysham Golf Club as it provides our sport of Golf, with a future. The more youngsters that get into golf, the more our great game can be enjoyed in future generations. It also provides our children with life skills such as patience, team work, integrity and social skills. Typically, like other sports Golf was once a very much male dominated arena with little opportunity available to girls. That has changed a lot and we have stayed at the forefront of that in how we coach at Heysham Golf Club.’

For more information on how to explore one of the world’s oldest sports, visit

We have Rugby, Rugby and… More Rugby!

Kirkby Lonsdale Rugby Union Football Club provides a variety of options for Mini & Youth Rugby, Ladies Rugby, and the Senior Men's Game.

Commencing at the age of 7, the Mini and Youth Rugby program not only introduces youngsters to the thrill of the game but also nurtures essential skills like hand-eye coordination and teamwork. During the initial years from 7 to 11, the teams remain mixed, fostering a collaborative environment.

As the players progress, the teams naturally divide into the Colts for boys and the Tigers girls. Notably, the success of the Tri County Tigers' inaugural season has propelled the growth of Girls Rugby at KLRUFC. They currently boast 73 registered girls across 5 clubs and 4 age grades.

For more details on how to join in, please visit

The Vale of Lune Rugby Club catering for diverse age groups from Under 6's to the Ladies and Men's teams. The Micro Rugby Clubs, tailored for the Under 6's, focus on weekly training sessions to instil the foundational aspects of rugby from an early age. These sessions, while lacking formal matches for obvious reasons, prioritize the enjoyment and fundamentals of the sport.

Teams start mixed, transitioning to separate boy’s and girl’s teams in the Junior section. The Vale Valkyries represent the girls during this phase. Beyond juniors, the club offers Women's and Men's senior teams, ensuring a seamless transition for graduates from the junior ranks.

For those seeking more information or expressing interest in any of the teams, please visit

Kendal Rugby Club provides a dynamic rugby experience for individuals starting as young as 7, extending all the way to Men and Women's teams. In the early stages, diverse teams are formed, evolving over time into the Hornets for boys and a parallel team for girls. As participants advance, they smoothly transition into the men's and women's teams.

Beyond the traditional rugby setup, Kendal Rugby Club introduces the Auld Greys Walking Rugby Club, convening every Wednesday. The Club recognizes busy schedules and also offers Social Rugby, providing flexibility for members to join matches at their convenience, prioritizing the social aspect of the game.

For further details about any of these teams, please visit

Perhaps, with a touch of encouragement, those New Year, New Me resolutions could become attainable goals – ones that you not only maintain but might even find pleasure in achieving!

Wishing you a joyful and successful 2024 from the entire team at Pye Motors.