Anticipated to be arriving at Pye Motors in early Summer 2024, brace yourselves for the arrival of Omoda 5 available in a choice of either petrol or electric powertrains, a groundbreaking and exhilarating new brand making its mark in the UK.

In a world where style is paramount, Omoda injects a burst of innovation into personal transport with its unique and fresh designs. Born from a blend of fashion-forward thinking, Omoda adds a dash of flair and inspired design elements to redefine the landscape of personal transportation.

Omoda seamlessly aligns with the contemporary ethos of design and innovation, infusing its own distinctive touch drawn from the dynamic realms of fashion and the ever-evolving world around us. Get ready for a ride that transcends the ordinary!

Omoda 5 Interior @Pye Motors

Travel in Luxury

Luxuriate in the Omoda 5 – where comfort meets opulence. Adorned in eco-leather upholstery, the interior boasts lateral support pads and sports car-styled headrests for an indulgent ride.
Fine-tune your driving position with electronically adjustable seating, ensuring every moment is tailored to perfection. This isn't just a car; it's your personal sanctuary on wheels. Immerse yourself in the thrill of customized luxury, making each journey an exhilarating adventure. Travel in style, travel in luxury – this is the Omoda 5 experience.
Omoda 5 Dashboard @Pye Motors
Omoda 5 Phone Charging @ Pye Motors
Omoda 5 Coming Soon To Pye Motors

Impressive Technology

Experience impressive technology within the Omoda 5 cabin. The dual 10.25" digital instrument and infotainment displays deliver driving information in stunning HD clarity, seamlessly integrating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a connected drive like never before.

Stay powered up effortlessly with the large wireless charging pad, accommodating up to two phones at once. And why wait? Activate the remote engine start as you approach the car, ensuring that your Omoda 5 is ready to roll when you are. Revel in the future of driving technology, right at your fingertips.

Omoda Open Days

You are invited to be among the first to see the Omoda 5 at our exclusive preview days being held at the Morecambe dealership between 26-28 April 2024.

Register below to let us know that would like to come along.

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