Time for a service? 5 things to look out for...

By Pye Motors

We know it's easy to get into the habit of assigning certain elements of your vehicle as 'quirks' or brushing them away with a 'oh it just does that'. The only way to be fully assured is to book your vehicle in for a full service. These five signs mean you should get yourself booked in for a service asap. 

1. Engine warning light
This is a sign that something is wrong with any one of the different systems that your car’s computer monitors and if a ‘check engine’ light appears on your dashboard, you should get your car to the garage for a service as soon as you can. There are a range of engine problems that this light could indicate and a simple diagnostic will find the fault. A lot of cars also have a service light that will come on when your next service is due.

2. Unusual noises
Any new noises coming from your car while driving should be checked out before they develop into serious problems. Here are some of the sounds to listen out for:

  • Whining from under the bonnet
  • Louder-than-usual exhaust noise
  • Uneven engine noise
  • Metal-on-metal
  • Squealing when you step on the brake
  • Crunching gears

3. Smoke or steam
Your car should never have smoke coming from under the hood. This could indicate an overheating problem which could severely damage your engine if you continue to drive. Only minimal smoke should be emitted from the exhaust (although water vapor white smoke is natural during the colder months). Excessive smoke from the exhaust could be a sign of an oil leak or a problem with the exhaust system. In both cases, take your car to a garage immediately.

4. Leaks
You can tell if your car is leaking from stains or spills when you move your car from where you normally park. At the front of the car, keep an eye out for any leaks that are bright green (coolant) or dark red/brown (transmission oil, engine oil or brake fluid). In the summer months when the air conditioner is running more than usual, there will be fresh water dripping from the front near the passenger side which is perfectly normal.

5. Abnormal vibrations
Every vibration not caused by a road surface should be looked into, whether it’s subtle or a definite shudder. The cause could be something serious such as over-worn or unbalanced tyres, or as simple a loose piece of plastic panelling.

If you're planning a trip away this Summer there's no better time to book in for a service - you'll receive 12 months free UK and European Roadside Assistance! Perfect reassurance on your road trip! Contact a member of our team here with any questions or pop in for a chat.

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Whether you're a petrol head or buying your first car, keep up to date on all things motoring with our occasional email alerts and newsletters

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